Online studies are currently available. Campus studies will be available for the Fall semester of 2020.


This degree is designed for a Christian foundation of life in preparation for whatever God has called you to do, in any vocation.

It is configured with a chronology of the Scriptures based on a book-by-book study. It is more than just a Biblical Survey as offered by many schools.

This course consists of two semesters containing 16 semester hours each and can easily be accomplished online as well as in the classroom.

It is also suitable for dual enrollment with other college courses or high school students.

  • The Creation Stage
  • The Patriarchal Stage
  • The Exodus Stage
  • The Conquest Stage
  • The Judges Stage
  • The United Kingdom Stage
  • The Chaotic Kingdom Stage
  • The Captivity Stage
  • The Return Stage
  • The Gospel Stage
  • The Early Church Stage
  • The General Epistles
  • The Pastoral Epistles


This course is designed for the more serious Bible student who wants to have a basic understanding of the Biblical doctrine.

It includes not only the chronology of the Scriptures as explained in the One Year Bible Certificate, but also explores the 12 major doctrines of the Bible as listed below.

This course includes four semesters of 16 semester hours each. It can be accomplished online or in a classroom.

  • Doctrine of Prophecy
  • Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Doctrine of the Bible
  • Doctrine of Satan
  • Doctrine of the Trinity
  • Doctrine of Christ the Son of God
  • Doctrine of Man
  • Doctrine of Angels
  • Doctrine of Salvation
  • Doctrine of the Church
  • Doctrine of the Father
  • Doctrine of Sin


This course is designed for a completion of the chronology of the Scriptures, the doctrinal studies and hermeneutics, along with an introduction to Greek and Hebrew. This degree also includes a Biblical history by time line study.

It will include six semesters of 16 semester hours each. Upon completion the student will receive a Graduate of Theology degree.


Is designed for completion of the chronology of Scriptures, doctrinal studies, hermeneutics, homiletics, introduction to Greek and Hebrew, pastoral science, church finance, personal evangelism and church growth studies.

It will include eight semesters (16 semester hours each) and upon completion, the student will receive Bachelor’s degree.

We currently offer two Bachelor programs. One program path is a Bachelor of Pastoral Science and the other is a Bachelor of Theology.

In the future, we will offer a Bachelor of Christian Education and a Bachelor of Christian Services. Christian Services topics will include church business operation, Bachelor-level Christian counseling and church music.

Our professors are qualified and experienced by actual field service.